Embracing the Seasons: Top Landscaping Tips and Trends from Southern Edge Company

As the wheel of the year turns, so do the needs and opportunities of your garden and outdoor spaces. At Southern Edge Company, we’re passionate about helping you navigate these changes. From the awakening blooms of spring to the crisp air of autumn, our expert tips and insights into the latest landscaping trends will ensure your garden is not only thriving but also at the forefront of style.

Spring Landscaping: Awakening Your Garden

Spring is a time of renewal and vibrant color. Begin by clearing winter debris and preparing your soil. It’s the perfect time to plant seasonal flowers like tulips and daffodils for an early burst of color. Consider fertilizing your lawn and early pruning for healthier, fuller plants. Trending this spring are natural garden paths that meander through your landscape, creating a sense of whimsy and inviting exploration.

Summer Landscaping: Maintaining and Enjoying

Summer brings the challenge of maintaining your garden in the heat. Consistent watering, ideally in the morning, and organic pest control are crucial. Pruning should continue to encourage new growth. This season is also perfect for enjoying outdoor living spaces. Consider adding a patio or an outdoor kitchen for entertaining. Trends include drought-resistant plantings and minimalist garden designs that offer a sleek, low-maintenance appeal.

Autumn Landscaping: Preparation and Transition

Autumn is the time to prepare for the cooler months. Planting perennials can ensure your garden remains lively, and this is also an ideal time for planting trees and shrubs. Clearing leaves and aerating your soil will keep your lawn healthy. Trend-wise, consider incorporating warm-colored plants and preparing cozy outdoor fire pits or enhanced lighting for the shorter days.

Winter Landscaping: Protection and Planning

Winter is about protection and forward planning. Cover sensitive plants, and consider structural protections for patios and walkways. Use this quieter time to plan next year’s landscaping projects. Trending in winter landscapes are evergreen plants and seasonal decorations, offering color and interest even in the coldest months.

Year-Round Beauty with Lil' Bubba

Regardless of the season, crisp and clean landscape edges are essential for a polished look. That’s where our partnership with Lil’ Bubba comes in. Their high-quality curbing solutions ensure that your garden borders remain immaculate all year round, no matter the weather. Discover the full range of Lil’ Bubba’s durable and stylish products at Lil’ Bubba’s website.


Adapting your landscaping to the changing seasons not only enhances the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces but also ensures their longevity and appeal. At Southern Edge Company, we’re committed to helping you achieve a stunning, seasonally attuned landscape throughout the year.