Creating Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Outdoor Spaces with Southern Edge Company

Embracing the growing importance of environmental sustainability, Southern Edge Company is pioneering in crafting eco-friendly outdoor living spaces. Our approach melds expertise in landscaping with a deep respect for nature, resulting in beautiful, sustainable outdoor areas.

Custom Stamped Curbing - Basketweave

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Landscaping

The shift towards eco-friendly landscaping reflects a broader commitment to environmental stewardship. This method harmonizes design with local ecosystems, conserves resources, and minimizes ecological impact. At Southern Edge Company, we embrace these principles, integrating them seamlessly into our landscaping projects.

Southern Edge Company's Green Practices

Our green practices are evident in our use of sustainable materials, design choices, and construction methods. We prioritize native plants, reducing water and maintenance needs. Our designs often include innovative features like rainwater harvesting and natural composting to enhance sustainability.

Partnering with Lil' Bubba for Eco-Friendly Curbing Solutions

A key aspect of our eco-friendly landscaping is the use of durable, aesthetically pleasing curbing. We’ve partnered with Lil’ Bubba, a leader in landscape curbing technology, to provide environmentally responsible and long-lasting curbing solutions. Lil’ Bubba’s equipment allows us to install custom curbing with minimal environmental impact, complementing our sustainable landscapes. Learn more about Lil’ Bubba’s eco-friendly curbing options at Lil’ Bubba’s website.

Innovative Sustainable Features for Your Outdoor Space

We specialize in integrating sustainable features such as green roofs, living walls, efficient irrigation systems, and solar-powered lighting. These elements not only conserve resources but also add unique aesthetic value to your outdoor space.

Success Stories and Client Feedback

Our commitment to eco-friendly landscaping is exemplified in projects like the Greenway Project, which featured native plantings and efficient irrigation. Client feedback consistently highlights satisfaction with both the environmental and aesthetic aspects of our work.


At Southern Edge Company, we believe in creating outdoor spaces that are as environmentally responsible as they are beautiful. Our commitment to sustainability and partnership with Lil’ Bubba helps us build stunning landscapes that you can enjoy with a clear environmental conscience.